UHF wind profiler

Contact : Marie Lothon and Yannick Bezombes
Objective :
The UHF (Ultra High Frequency) wind profiler provides information on the atmospheric dynamics at meso and small scale in the lower troposphere. It supplies vertical profile of the three components of the wind, in both clear air and cloudy air or rain, at 75 m vertical resolution, from 150 m to 3000 m a.g.l, and every 5 or 15 minutes.
It also allows the study of the atmospheric boundary layer, with estimates of the boundary layer (...)

VHF wind profiler

Measurements made by the ST (Stratosphere-Troposphere) VHF (Very High Frequency) wind profiler allow us to study the atmospheric dynamics at the meso and large scales within the column of the troposphere located above the radar. It especially enables the study of the frontal systems, the impact of the mountain on the flow, the wind profiles associated with storms, the variability of the tropopause, etc...